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Click Here to see your Bible Pop-up Tool if it did not appear in a window already

How to use the pop-up tool Now you have your own little Bible tool in a pop-up window. This way when you want to study a verse, read more about a topic, or add verses to your responses you have one quickly available. Just enter the verse or topic in the first box then pick a tool underneath that and press Search. Then it will search the Internet and try to find it for you. You can also customize it and choose from over 200 of the tools we have already indexed.

Verses can be in most any format. You can do the full name like "1 Chronicles 3:17-19" or an abbreviation "1Ch 3:17-19" or the first 4 letters "1Chr 3:17-19".

If you want to get rid of it click the minimize button on the top of it's window. When you want it back just click on it's box on the bottom of your screen (application tray). Sorry for being technical, just push buttons and see what happens, you can't hurt anything

Click here to login in and learn about some more great ways of using your Bible Tool.

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