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Click for enlargementWho Heads up Authentic Walk?

Well, that would be me, Chris Priebe. And since you are likely reading this to decide if you want to join the course or not it is only fair I tell you a bit about myself and my background so you can decide if you want to accept my teachings or not.

  • I am married to my beautiful wife Cory and we live in Kelowna, BC on the West Coast of Canada.

  • I currently work in Kelowna, BC for a company that makes children's online video games.

  • Before that my wife and I spent a year and a half in Belize teaching in the Christian school and helping out in the local churches

  • Before that I worked at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, Canada in the online courses division. Here I developed the online community system for our students and alumni with things like chat, discussions, bible tools and more. See

  • Before this I was in charge of discipling the youth of Summit Drive Baptist Church in Kamloops, BC, Canada as a part-time Youth Pastor.?

  • I started Authentic Walk Ministries in 1995 although it did not have a name back then.

  • I am a graduate of Briercrest Bible College (BA in Pastoral Ministry) 1999.

  • and ACTS seminary with a Master of Arts in Christian Studies in 2007.

  • I hold to the basics of the faith (Bible as God's Word, salvation through faith alone, Trinity, Heaven and Hell) and have worshipped with Baptists, Evangelical Free, Alliance, Pentecostal and Community Church members. To view my full doctrinal statement click here

  • I was saved when I was 4 and baptized at age 15

  • I have also spend a year in Russia working with the CoMission and Gospel Missionary Union bringing a curriculum on Christian Morals and Ethics to the public schools and discipling the teachers.

  • I love mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the Bible.

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