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History of Authentic Walk

  • In 1995 I redidicated my life to God at Bible school then made a trip to Prairie High School (this is a year after I graduated from there). I preached a sermon on living for God and saw God move among the people. It was in that week I caught a glimpse of what I would like to be doing.

  • At about the same time my brother, a graphic artist, started up a company called "Whitehaven Design" and started producing T-shirts with the logo of a guy walking on it. It was intended as a conversation started. What is that? Oh, Authentic Walk. Authentic meaning genuine and walk being a deliberate movement in a chosen direction. So to have a genuine life of following God.

  • Over time, my brother recieved a job working for another company and the little guy was put on the shelf.

  • When I returned from Russia in 1997 I was introduced to the Internet and my brother helped me learn how to write a web page.

  • I wrote a web page under his domain name called called "A Journey Down the Way of Holiness" which used the metaphor of a highway and compared it to the spiritual life (at the same time I started the Bible Toolbox which was a simple Javascript program in frames)

  • I returned to my 3rd year of Bible school and had a burden to do a seminar on holiness for our Youth Convention called Youth Quake. I talked to those in charge and they told me to do it twice and they would review it to see if that is what they wanted.

  • In this process I wrote about 7 versions of the seminar, each time learning more and become more clearer (thus the reason why discovering through writting lessons is so important to the philosophy of Authentic Walk)

  • During this time my brother let me use the name Authentic Walk and we bought the domain name.

  • Finally, I partnered with a man of God named Andrew Bartha and we did a presentation to about 70 young people at Youth Quake 1999 called "Authentic Walk: The Struggle to Live for God".

  • From there I graduated, worked at Frontier Lodge Wilderness Camp as the summer pastor and camp speaker (where I rewrote the seminar a few more times)

  • Now I am looking forward to having others join me in this vision to help disciple people around the world using the net.

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