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Overcoming Temptation

2006-02-23 - Rated 0 of 5 by 0 users - (Print Notes)

Part # 11: Spirit of empathy by taximan

I often find that when I teach my children the ways of the Lord, or am in a position to offer Scriptural advice to someone in need, then so often I find the advice I give or the lesson I have taught, screaming out to be applied into my own life too!

My suggestion for an exercise relies on the value of being able to empathise with others because of understanding how their situation feels first hand.

Firstly, I would suggest writing a letter or email to a third party, as from the part of the person feeling tempted. Come on, we all know what it feels like! Using all your experiences of being tempted in the ways that the devil succeeds most often, spill out your deepest fears and feelings of despair. Just remember how it feels when you´re faced head on with trying to resist temptation, and pour out your heart fully expecting this third party to give fantastic God given advice.

After leaving what you have written for a day or so, offer up the letter to the Lord as though someone in desperate need has sought your advice. Really try to imagine this letter is from a third party, and seek the Holy Spirit to offer relevant Scriptural advice. Use all the knowledge of the Word you can muster, and write a reply in as loving and compassionate a manner as you can.

Finally, receive the letter you have written from the perspective you wrote the first one. Treat it as a letter from a third party, and seek the Holy Spirit to give you strength to apply this into your life.

I know it may sound silly, but many times we are put into situations where we minister Gods wisdom and compassion to others, even when we probably need that same thing as much if not more than those we minister to. I believe it is sometimes more difficult to receive from the Lord than it is to give, so maybe this exercise will help us to do a little of both!

God bless,


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