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2007-01-10 - Rated 0 of 5 by 0 users - (Print Notes)

Part # 12: Potluck Prayer Party by luv2walk

[I organized and led this at our church 6/06.]
Potluck Prayer Party

Invite ladies of your church to bring a covered dish and their Bible.
Supplies: praise CD & player, color-coded bookmarks, Bible, chart guide, timer,
plus meal items ie. ice, cups. Have them locate Bible bookmarks now.

Chart page 2 = 10 mins. each section
I) Power of Praise & Prayer
II) Power of Godís Word
III) Power of Godís Presence
Chart page 3 = I) Power of Praise - <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Ps+113%3A2-3">Ps 113:2-3</a> NIV
[Set timer for 5 mins.]
Go around the room A-Z, with each lady giving a trait.
a. ABCís of Godís character
ie. Awesome
Ö. Near, eXalted
b. Read Psalm 150 in unison
c. Ask for praises for what God is doing in their lives.
d. Ask them to share a favorite verse, as time permits.
Chart page 4 = Power of Prayer - <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=James+5%3A16">James 5:16</a> -b
Divide into 3 groups & assign a topic with leader or individuals praying aloud.
[Set timer for 5 mins.]
a. church staff and their families
b. church members
c. church ministries
Chart page 5 = II) Power of Godís Word - <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Isaiah+55%3A11">Isaiah 55:11</a> NKJV
Have them turn to the first color-coded bookmark already in their Bible.
Take turns reading aloud, either verse or paragraph.
[Set timer for 10 mins.]
<a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Eph+6%3A10-20">Eph 6:10-20</a>
<a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Luke+11%3A1-13">Luke 11:1-13</a>
<a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Matthew+28%3A1-20">Matthew 28:1-20</a>
1 Thes 5:12-18
<a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Romans+12%3A1-8">Romans 12:1-8</a>
1 Cor 13:1-13

Chart page 6 = III) Power of Godís Presence - <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Ps+73%3A28">Ps 73:28</a> MSG
shhhhhhÖÖ. be s-i-l-e-n-t <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Ps+46%3A10">Ps 46:10</a> , <a href="LookUp.phtml?verse=Ps+37%3A7">Ps 37:7</a>
This is the time to marinate on Godís love for them.
Tips as sit still--
1. Silently speak the name JESUS over & over
2. Say the breath prayer
[say I CANíT as inhale, say BUT GOD CAN as exhale]
Be quiet.
[set timer for 10 mins]
Optional: I played piano at start ìI just want to be where You are, in Your presenceî.
Chart page 7 = And all the people said, ìAMENî.
Sing the Doxology together.
Bless the food, and fellowship together.
[Play praise CD in the background.]

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