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Group two - hungry for God: by Chris Priebe

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Others I know, especially the new in faith but also the old, hunger and thirst for the things of God. I think of some of our Russian friends who were not able to grow up with God, where it was illegal to study God as a child and people would be sent to Siberia for doing such a thing. When I gave them their first Bible they often were overwhelmed with thankfulness even to the point of tears. I would see them again in a few weeks and they had already read the first fifth of the Bible. I have even seen that here in Canada, so let us not be discouraged to thinking that we must be from another country to be on fire for God. But yet we can learn one thing, the absence of the freedom to know God tends to make one more hungry to know these things, and it is this hunger that we seek.

Another man, 99 years old at the time, sat me in his room at the hospital in 3 hills Alberta. Then he went on and quoted to me half the third chapter of John. He showed me his large print Bible with super strong magnifying class that he would strain through to study the Word. He pulled out his notes and shared his latest reflections and pointed out his Bible on cassette collection that he, and his younger friend, only 96 would listen through every 3 months. May God give me a soul that hungers after Him even at that age. Even at an age when I have heard it all, when I have read it so many times and yet it is still interesting, not because it is new but because my soul is hungry to hear it again, spoken once more by the one my heart loves.

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restless_poet writes on 0000-00-00

Recently my Grandmother, age 86, and I, sat for 8 1/2 hours (from 6 pm until 2:30 am, no less!) crying and worshipping the Lord together. We¥d both been church-attenders as long as we could remember, but shared with each other how we had both only about 3 years before begun to realize the difference between religion and an intimate relationship with the Lord... so we worshipped God together for His grace and goodness. It¥s amazing, we can change from dry to hungry at any time... whether we¥re a youth, middle-aged, or old! Isn¥t it wonderful?

- by restless_poet

deecee4jaycee writes on 2002-03-01

Just an observation....I think that most of us view hunger as something that can be satisfied and therefore we miss the fact that true hunger is never satisfied for it returns...when we feed our body it is good for a few more hours then, it begins to cry for food again....the same with our spiritual hunger, yes, it can be filled for a time but, then the hunger pangs begin to gnaw and we must either feed them or let them starve. No wonder some spiritual lives resemble skeletons!

- by deecee4jaycee

D-lite writes on 2002-05-07

I wonder why Ö why do many Christians have so little excitement in their lives? Why do many seemingly not know how to worship and commune with God? Why do many not witness? ìYou are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden Ö In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.î (Matt 5:14 ).

Can it be that hunger for God needs to be nurtured and developed? I observed in my childrenís growing up years that it was very good for them to learn how to wait. This waiting period served to build anticipation and enhanced gratification when they received that for which they had waited. Often children who receive things before they need or desire them donít appreciate things as much. For instance, if I bought my son a new bike before his old one needed replacing, he probably would not have appreciated the new one as much (as if he had really needed it). When I was a kid, a loved Campbells Vegetable Soup. My Mom never bought canned foods. So, when I was at my teacherís house, this little treat was very special. The greater the need or anticipation the greater the appreciation and satisfaction in return.

I grew up in a community where there was a strong Christian presence. This had its good sides, but it also had some drawbacks. I found it difficult making friends. You see, very few parents allowed their children to associate with my siblings and me. My father was an alcoholic and other parents feared that their children might be adversely drawn into a life style.

Perhaps as Christian parents we should think carefully and plan intentionally how to best help our children create a desire in their hearts to love and serve God? How do we teach our children to have compassion on those less fortunate? How do we teach them to love, accept and reach out to those that are different from us? How do we stimulate passion for God and the lost souls of the world? "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.î (John 8:12 ).

Growing up in a Christian home is not enough. It only lays the foundation. But one must know how to build on the foundation in order to have a functional and beautiful home. My daughterís best friend between grades 3-7 came from one of the worst homes in our community. Her father was an alcoholic. I had no fear that this would influence my daughter negatively. The girls spent most of their waking hours together and often their sleeping hours too (at pajama parties at our house). Her friend knew that she was welcome in our home anytime - she never needed an invitation. But she also knew that my daughter would not come to her house. Simply because there was no responsible adult to watch over them. She in no way felt rejected, only even more cared for at our house - it was place of refuge for her. ìBut whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.î (John 3:21 ).

- by D-lite

userlw80 writes on 2002-07-04

I stay hungry for God. I know that no matter what happens to me I know that God is always in control and it makes me hunger more and more for him. I hunger for his word, his spirit, and to know the heart of God. I try to be the best Bible I can be.

- by userlw80

seekker writes on 2003-04-06

Over my 20 something years with the Lord, I have been in both camps ... the hungry, and the not so hungry ... for a while I kind of took God for granted, and forgot that He was .. well ... GOD ...

I also discovered that in myself, I couldn¥t make myself BE hungry ... no matter how much I might want to be or tried to do it in my own strength ... so, my heart¥s cry became: Lord cause me to hunger and thirst after You with my whole being ...and over time, He has done exactly that ... my life with my Heavenly Father today is richer than at any other time in my life ... and I¥m finding the more that I seek His face, the more I need Him, and therefore the more I need Him the more I need to seek His face ... I am at the place where I can never get enough of Him ... I desire to be in His Presence every moment of every day ... to include Him in every area of my life ... to make Him a part of every thing I think, say or do ...

I just thank God that He is faithful and that He knows our hearts even better than we do, and that He is always there reaching out to us no matter where we are or what we have done ... and that He can make us hungry when we are not ... all we have to do is ask ...

- by seekker

ioweHim writes on 2003-05-22

This really touches by heart. Oh, how I pray that I´m always that hungry for God. Not just to learn, but to really know Him.

- by ioweHim

thalteman writes on 2003-11-06

I would like to add here a little something that is the opposite of this story of people who hunger for God! I loved my Great Grandmother dearly, and she went to church regularly, prayed, read the Bible and did mostly what a good christian would/should do. But there was another side of her that came to light, twice that I am aware of a) The first was that she belonged to a church that did not believe in doctors, and in one particular case a young child died in not getting the medical help he required and these same well learned well educated people, when they were sick, yeah you guessed it, they immediately rushed to the doctor. and b)when My great grandmother became ill, she not only blamed God, she cursed him! (until she was better) then she became pious once more. There are strange people with strange ideas, and one of them was in my family. There are many who proclaim, but few who truely follow. waivering is allowed, but we have to be sincere as to reason/s so we do not loose sight of christianity, as it will be a costly mistake in the end come "ITS rewards. It is said, that when Jesus comes, he will come with eachs´ rewards, and if none are earned there will be none given! Amen

- by thalteman

boilermaker writes on 2007-03-07

Hungry I am! The Lord fills me with a hunger for him, and the will and drive to continue my search to feed my hunger and learn, give, and respect our God. He leads me to places to learn, to websites like this one, to places where I can fill my soul and heart with his news. If you continue to Hunger , he will continue to feed you. God Bless

- by boilermaker writes on 2009-03-17

I would like to thank you for having this discipleship class free in tne internet. This is an answer to my prayer. I wanted to study but the cost of going to school prevented me from doing so. I truly believed that God can do miracles and wonderful things. I want to know him more and eagerly serve His Kingdom.

- by

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