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Posture: by Chris Priebe

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Earlier I said that worship is not about raising hands or not raising hands but about the heart of worship. Now I will mention some ways we can be drawn to that heart of worship and one of those ways is indeed with one´s posture.

The spirit is connected to the body. When your body feels sick you don´t feel so great either. When your body is well so do you. They work together. When you are at a hockey game and the winning shot is scored your immediate response is probably to jump up and cheer. You do this almost without thinking.

And different situations call for a different posture. If you are before a king you likely would not cheer (unless he just slew the enemy) but you would kneel.

So when we come before the King almighty it helps to allow the body to express what the spirit is feeling.

Raise your hands as an expression of worship and lifting God´s name up

Keel as an expression of being humbled before God and exalting Him as King

Bow or lift your head, dance (where appropriate), wave a flag, let your body rejoice with your soul.

It bothers me when we sing songs like "I gladly bow my knee before you" when we do not bow our knee. People respond, "Well I´m doing it in my soul" Well if your soul is doing it why not make it complete. Or are we really not all that glad to bow before Him anyhow as we are saying in the song? So change the words if you have to, "I gladly bow my soul before you" Doesn´t sound as spiritual but at least it is honest.

The point anyhow is use your body to express what is going on inside in ways that are appropriate to the setting and mood you are in.

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tammyingham writes on 0000-00-00

I belive that people are afraid to let go of themselves. They are afraid what everyone might think of them if they drop to their knees and worship God. But I think you shouldnĄt worry about what they think. You goal is to show God that you are his child. Next time you are in church let your soul take over and see what happens. Its a wonderful feeling that I canĄt explain. amen

- by tammyingham

deecee4jaycee writes on 2002-03-05

I have a it really WORSHIP if our thoughts are wondering what others think?

I have an observation....I know a pastor that continually points out when members of his congregation raise their hands, he commends them for their worship and then he always says,"Someday I will be to that point, someday you will see me raise my hands! I am not quite there, yet." This statement always disturbed me. I thoroughly believe that if a person is led to raise their hands in worship (1) they are not to be commended for it and (2) nothing should stop them from obeying!

I have been asked this question....."Why do you raise your hands?" I searched my heart diligently for this answer and I prayed earnestly for a "not holier than thou" answer for my youth group....for you see, when I begin worshipping in this manner I usually began by turning my palms upward about waist high, then I focus all my thoughts and love and joy on Christ and as I began to wholly worship I raise my hands higher and somewhere in my soul I cry, "Lord with my right hand I give you my heart"....this usually results in me reaching as high as I can for I long for Jesus to hold my heart....then slower and more purposefully my soul vows, "Lord, with my left hand I give you my will!" This completes the reach of my hands towards the Saviour and I worship in joy and freedom, the freedom of a Christian that has accepted the gift of Salvation, the cleansing of a filthy soul and the "freewill" giving of "my will" to God for His own use. Unfortunately being human when I cease to worship I lower my hands thus subconsciously taking my free will back and reclaiming part of my heart.

- by deecee4jaycee

noellers writes on 2005-02-09

I found that this is a lot of help. I feel more joyous lifting my arms in the air while singing a song of thanx and praise then keeping my hands clasped infront of me or in my pockets.

- by noellers

sue p writes on 2005-11-07

I think as Christians were can worship differently. But more importantly where is my heart and soul during the worship. I don´t know what other are feeling during worship. I don´t think I am suppose to be worrying about it. Worship is a time for me to give my personal praise to the Lord.

- by sue p

Arlene writes on 2005-12-15

I definatly agree that people worship in different ways and I also know that people don´t have to lift their hands or kneel to really worship. For me, I worship best when I simply stand, with my hands at my sides or held together in front of me. Then I can reflect on God and sing from my heart. I know that it was mentioned "I belive that people are afraid to let go of themselves", but this statement is not true for everyone. For myself it seems more respectful to place my hands at my side and just tell God, "I need you. I can´t live without you" and to let him know how important he is to me. I know that my style of worship may be different from many other peoples, but for me lifting my hands in the air does not show true worship from my heart. Often, if someone watched me worship, they might think it looks like I am standing there thinking of other things, but really I stand there with an open heart to God, expressing my love for him, and realizing my helplessness and his amazing power. I´m sure God loves the way I worship him and he doesn´t require me to lift my hands for it to be true worship. He sees my heart and I´m sure he loves to see the different, unique ways each of us worship him.

- by Arlene

EEP54 writes on 2008-06-24

What would you say to someone, say, in a wheelchair, who says they are doing something in their heart but can´t do it physically? I wonder if you´d have the same reaction as in your article or if you didn´t think of that type of situation when writing it...

- by EEP54

qazplm123 writes on 2009-09-20

I am so afraid sometimes that everyone will look at me but i know God wants me to raise my hands towards him for complete worship. i know of others that arent ashamed and i want that courage. any suggestions?

- by qazplm123

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