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It comes down to a choice: by Chris Priebe

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But there is that point where they are standing there on the other side looking back, longing to have something of the old life they have left behind, where they have to make a choice.†† Are they going to try to rebuilt what was forsaken or are they going to follow God?

Have to choose between God and our sin

All of temptation comes down to a moment when a person is confronted with a choice, "yes" or "no".† I agree that there are times when it seems that it just happened and it is like we wake up after yelling at someone and wonder how that happened but even there it was a choice, even though it took only a millisecond.† For some the choice was made a long time ago and they chose not to ever care if they yell or not, that it does not matter.† They might realize that it does and try to stop but the old pattern is there and they make the choice almost instinctively.† They continue to choose ahead of time not to yell at others out of a growing desire for what is good instead of evil.† As time goes on they begin to recognize that millisecond where the choice lies and the millisecond seems to grow.† They begin to make the right choice.

"Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires." (Rom 6:12)

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futbolmamasita writes on 2001-07-22

If you are an alcoholic, then when someone tells you to go away from your temptaion and repent, you say, "But then I have to leave the alcohol." My point is: people have trouble leaving the temptation. There was a quote, that I once had to explain what it meant in my 10th grade journal: it said, "Yeild to the tempation." That means, fall to the tempation, surrendor to the temptation. But if you do, you are serving other ´gods.´

- by futbolmamasita

deecee4jaycee writes on 2001-07-22

This article for some reason, reminded me of an experiment that I and my youth group tried. We were discussing temptations and trials and many of the kids gave the ususal excuses....I can´t help it, I´ve done that for so long, I do it without thinking, Mom and Dad do it too, Well, its not a bad word they say it on T.V., know the ususal stuff when dealing with instinctive patterns. One young person exclaimed rather emphatically, "I just do it because its a HABIT!" I asked the kids if they knew that it takes about 21 days to make a behavior a habit and then told them that it takes approximately 21 days to unlearn that behavior. I passed out large rubber bands and markers and after each individual teen prayed they were instructed to write the HABIT that most displeased or separated them from God on the band, I joined in on this exercise writing being judgemental on my band and I know some of the kids had things like cussing, lying, smoking, etc. on theirs. I then instructed them to POP the band everytime they found theirselves performing this HABIT. The POP must be hard and it must be done for 21 days. We covenanted to do this together and the results were astounding! It worked, and it also led to witnessing opportunities...many people wanted to know about the bands. The amazing thing was that it showed us that the first week the act was HABIT but, it was slowly coming to be choice because sometimes I knew I was headed towards judging someone and I realized it because I knew I would have to POP the band. The really hard part was that after I became aware of this particular sin reigning in my life and although I really desired to stop it...when it no longer held me captive I (being the human that I am) still sometimes opted to POP the band anyway just to judge because I wanted to. After the results of the bands were discussed we also decided that if a sinful habit could be learned in 21 days then so could a Godly the Word for 21 days, it will become habit, pray each night for 21 days, it will become habit.....I am sure you get the picture.

- by deecee4jaycee

tammyingham writes on 0000-00-00

To learn to live a life for god..was hard.
The world keeps tring to pull you one direction when all you desire is to follow god.
I lost alot on the way to walk with god but it was worth it. I would do it again if I had to.
if more people would learn to walk with god they would find peace and happiness.

- by tammyingham

D-lite writes on 2002-04-21

Choice is the power of freedom. The difference between a victim and a victor is the power of choice. Victims donít make choices they always have things happen to them. (Thatís why they find it easy to blame.) I learned this lesson at a young age and will never forget it. Growing up in an abusive environment, I felt completely powerless. I couldnít stop the abuse. I was not in control. I grew up in a home that was permeated by alcohol, rage and depression. I had no choice or control in the matter. This was the only home I had.

Even in my youth I was quite a contemplative person and observed individuals carefully, trying to understand the reason for the anger, depression and abusive behaviors. I discovered that they too were victims. There was power and control in our home, but it was the power of evil, controlling us like little puppets on a string. Everyone living under that roof came under its power. All were its victims.

I first realized that I might grow up at the age of 15 (when my older sister got married). Up until that point, it hadnít occurred to me that I would see adulthood, because our home was filled with so much violence, that subconsciously I had accepted that I would die an early death. However, the realization of growing up compelled me to begin thinking about making choices. If I was going to grow up, then I had to begin thinking about what kind of a grown up I wanted to become. I had been close enough to only one other family in our community where I could see them live daily life. They were a Christian family. I decided that I would like my future family to be like theirs and began making choices to make that become a reality.

When I realized that I had the power to make choices, my life changed and I was filled with hope. I had never felt hope before (because victims donít make choices, they are in bondage, without hope). My example of the ultimate victor is Christ. He did not have things happen to him, He made things happen. He had control over man, nature and even life and death itself. He chose death, so that He could show us that He is the victor of life and death. Now we can choose victory, because He paid the price with His choice to die for us. We are no longer victims. We are co-victors with Him. It really does come down to a choice.

- by D-lite

Miles Tucker writes on 2003-11-10

This is exactly right on the money. The choice is ours. What has worked for me in some cases, like quiting smoking, I found that the need and want was more powerful than just a choice. Mentaly I chose to quit but physicaly my body wanted more. I over came that temtation by Telling the Lord my choice and asking him for help. This was a day by day struggle but it worked because I had faith that God would help me after I confesed my choice and new I couldn´t do it without his help. (John 15:5)

- by Miles Tucker

uchia01 writes on 2009-03-31

We all struggle with temptaion at one point or another and as a relativly new disciple I struggle quite often. I have found though that when i focus on how much i love and wish to dedicate myself to God during the time of temptation, it is easily overcome. I also do accountability with close friends whom struggle with the same temptations and that is also a great help.

- by uchia01

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