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Begin small: by Chris Priebe

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I´ll tell you a neat story first (forgive me if I get some of the details wrong, it has been passed down to me and I now share it with you).

There was a preacher named John Wesley who was used by God to bring about revivals and found the Methodist movement. And the story goes that one day he said to his servant that he was going to go and pray in his study for one hour. And so he went in and closed the door. An hour passed and the servant went to go and get John Wesley as was requested. But before he opened the door he peaked through the little keyhole (it was back in the older days) and saw his master in such a state of holiness that he dared not disturb him.

So another hour passed and the servant once more looked through the keyhole and saw the same. Finally another hour passed and John Wesley was still so deep in prayer. He thought to himself, "Surely I must get him now for 3 hours have passed and he told me to get him after 1 hour." So he opened the door and attracted his attention.

John Wesley replied, "Oh, is the hour over already. It is amazing how time passes when you are with the Lord!"

Now the point of me giving this story is not that we all start off praying for longer periods. Although as we continue that may become the case and like Martin Luther we will say, "I have so much business I cannot get on without spending three hours daily in prayer".

For me, I had to start off with about 5 minutes a day. It was really hard to not give up early and I kept looking at my watch and did not know what to say but I determined to stick with it. Then I moved it up to 10 minutes and then 20 and then more. Over time prayer became my way of life and my heart is always in a state of readiness to pray. My point is simple: Don´t feel you have to start off with huge amounts of time, start small and stick to it and then increase the time.

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brotherharry2000 writes on 0000-00-00

This is EXCELLENT advice and a very good way to get to know God better! Early in the morning before all lifeĄs little distractions overwhelm us should be a MANDATORY time of prayer for all of us.

I wonder how many of the people that are with Father after this latest attack on America wish they had the opportunity to pray tomorrow morning like we all do?

DonĄt take your blessings lightly.

- by brotherharry2000

tammyingham writes on 0000-00-00

It iss hard to pray for a long time. I would lose my thoughts and fall asleep. That is why I started with 10 minutes and then keep adding to it. I love to pray know. every chance I get.

- by tammyingham

deecee4jaycee writes on 0000-00-00

Begin small is an excellent title and I loved the illustration..that has actually happened to me....but, not to be difficult...I think it is enough that we just START! This is the key to all...and all of us began when we STARTED the "sinners" prayer.

- by deecee4jaycee

hugapoohlouise writes on 0000-00-00

For my prayer life. I used your previous example that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So for 21 days I prayed each morning as I got of bed and each night before I went to bed. I did these faithfully each day. This does not count the little prayers that I prayed throughout the day. Now it is such a habit for me I can leave my bedroom in the morning until IĄve prayed and I canĄt go to sleep at night until IĄve prayed.

- by hugapoohlouise

mnolfn writes on 0000-00-00

A list certainly helps me to pray. Our little church, bearly 17 members, has so much to pray about that it takes me a full week to get through that list. Praying for myself is a time consuming item, for sure. There is the lost, the sick, folks with all kinds of problems at home, at work. Our community, as the forces of evil tries to bring in gambling. Our nation, our leaders, the peace of Jerusalem.
What am I saying? What ever is on your heart, God wants to be involved.

- by mnolfn

seekker writes on 2003-01-30

What I have found to be most helpful is to write out my prayer(s) in journal/letter form ... IĄm not talking about a list of requests ... I mean I write out my entire prayer(s) TO my Heavenly Father ... I talk TO Him as if He were physically sitting in front of me ... I tell Him about what is going on at that particular time ... I tell Him what is on my heart ... I ask Him for His direction, His Wisdom, His Will ... I write the scriptures (especially the psalms) back to Him, personalizing them and in the present tense. I record any responses I may get ... I record scripture ... I write everything ... in letter format directly TO Him ...

I find that this not only enhances my relationship with my Heavenly Father, but that I now have a running record of the various phases of the experiences that He has brought me through ... when I go back to read my previous entries, I see His Hand upon my life in ways that I couldnĄt see at all during the situation ...

I can assure you, that if you begin to journalize your prayer time with your Heavenly Father in this way, you will never lack for things to say, nor will your mind be so easily distracted ... I daresay that you will begin to find that the time you have allotted to spend with your Heavenly Father is no longer nearly ENOUGH to get it all done ...

for those who are technically minded, your journaling could just as easily be done by typing a daily entry on your computer as opposed to writing ... whichever is most comfortable for you, the effect will be the same.

I hope this suggestion is as helpful to others as it has been for me. I know my walk with our Father would not be anywhere near what it is but for this practice alone ...

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing.

- by seekker

Pastor Rich writes on 2003-03-04

God doesnĄt mind how much time you spend praying, wether you start at 10 minutes and stay there, or if you start at 10 minutes and it grows into hours. The pleasure God gets is from the "time" you are spending with Him. It can be "quiet time", time in prayer, or singing scriptures. God just loves you being with Him.

- by Pastor Rich

I AM GODS CHILD writes on 2006-01-03

I start my day off with prayer and all during the day i will say thank you lord for someting or just talk to him as i go down the road,i try to pray at all meals.I say a prayer at noon and bedtime but my main prayer is my meditation time in a room with just my Lord and me.
But i never spend a lot of time praying because
he knows all ready what im going to say,and jESUS
said dont pray in front of anyone go off by your self and dont pray using so many words like the gentiles for he already knows what your praying for.I feel like just talking to our Lord as much as we can and being our selfs is good for its like family time with our kids its about the same way with the time we spend with our Lord,and i dont always ask for something a lot of times i just praise him and if i do ask for something its for someone else if they are sick,or really need his help i never ask for nothing for my self or my family for i feel since i turned my life over to him he will take care our needs, and i go on from there and feel good about because i know its in good hands. I AM GODS CHILD


qdiciple writes on 2006-08-06

I find that when I pray/fellowship with God the first thing as I awake, as the first fruit principle, Rom. 11:16 if the first fruit be holy or offered up to the Lord then the lump be holy. So if I fellowship with God first before anything else, then it makes my day holy and blessed. So fellowship with God before my day begins and ends my day with fellowship with God, works in my sleep time as to deal with any evil thoughts or imaginenations that are on my mind. my Alfa and Omaga.

- by qdiciple

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