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Keep it simple: by Chris Priebe

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Sometimes I get so excited about all the good things of God that I just want to dump all the details on the table right away.  The problem is that I make things so complicated and confusing that they don´t know how to even get saved.  So it comes back to the old acronym KISS

Saint     - well you might have heard something else but this will do :)

So what I often do is I just pull out two things to illustrate the two cliffs we talked about (sometimes I have been known to use salt shakers and even balloon pumps)  I talk about how we have a problem in that our sin puts us on this side.  I talk about how the gap seperates us from God.  I talk about how we want to be with God.   Then I share that Jesus has made a way to carry us over.  Then I just ask them where they think they are.

If you want it even simplier perhaps this will be it, "There is a problem - sin. Jesus made the solution, we must accept it."

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deecee4jaycee writes on 2001-07-04

I love the two cliffs and the cross as the is a great visual and very successful in teaching a person´s need for Jesus and salvation. But, I have one really depends on the person you are talking Christians I believe that we should acquaint ourselves with many, many ways to present this Good News. For instance, some people respond to envisioning, some to direct questions, some to music and some to caring relationships. Many respond to honesty (such as I am going to heaven and I want you there with me) or some to knowledge. Many do not realize the reality of hell as separation and not a fiery party while others understand History. But, yes, what ever route you take to share...KISS.

- by deecee4jaycee

hugapoohlouise writes on 0000-00-00

I like the illustration as I said before I learn better with these and I find that I am a better teacher or guide if I use them too.

- by hugapoohlouise writes on 2009-03-16

I strongly believed in this. What people of the world need is simply a touch from God not elaborated words. The women who suffered from bleeding said she just need the touch of Jesus and she is absolutely right. As believers we just need to be filled with Jesus so when others see us they would see Jesus in us. When we talked to them they will feel Jesus love for them .

- by

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