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I have prepared a series of short multimedia seminars on how to live for God. The goal of these seminars is not to be exhaustive but to give a quick review of each topic. The notes however provide the greater details. You can also find a copy of the seminar notes here.


    Notes and Other Sermons

    Awana Scholarship Camp
    A rough copy (unedited) of the sermons I preached at Awana camp, a boys and girls club where they had to memorize lots of Scripture to get there

    2001: A Faith Odyssey
    This is a youth conference I spoke at up at Mount Silverstar

    These are some sermons I have been preaching from place to place

    Online Ministry Papers
    These are some of the papers I have written to help churches with their online ministry

    Essays and Research Projects
    This is a collection of some of my essays and deeper studies. These are more technical by nature but I pray, still helpful.

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