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Bible Tools

A few years ago I looked all over the Internet to find helpful resources for the Church. When I found them I began to compile them together in the form of a Bible Search Engine called "The Bible Toolbox". Unfortunately, as I was writting it I could not find any other code written for Internet Bible research that was made freely available. I don't think this is a good thing because the more that is available for public use and enhancement the better tools the Church can develop to reach our world. So I specifically designed this one as a free script so that other programmers can take it and develop it into better code and thus increase the number of resources available on the Internet.

Tool #1 - Mini Bible Toolbox

Bible Toolbox


The Bible Toolbox is a search engine that looks all over the web for the tool that you need and brings up the passage you want.  Go ahead and try the small version on the left. .

To custom build your toolbox please goto



Tool #2 - Add the entire Bible to your web site

If you would like to add the entire Bible in the World English Bible (WEB) - public domain (includes other study tools aswell) just download the following zip file.  Unzip it and copy it to your web site. - Download it now  (5.4megs compressed  22megs uncompressed)

Tool #3 - Bible Lookup and Generation Program - All the files including the templates

readme.rtf - Instructions about how to use these programs, modify and set them up - This program takes the form input of a Bible reference, interprets the Bible Book name, chapter number and verse and sends the user to that book, chapter and verse on the web site. - This program takes the Bible in General Bible Format and divides it into chapters and saves it on the web as a customized html file.  Useful for generating HTML bibles and commentaries.


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